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‘The Verdure’ is designed as a flexible home for a united family with two couples with 1-2 children each. The floor plan maximizes the social functions in a large open family space with views to the surrounding landscapes, courtyard and secret garden.

Planning restrictions on the site called for a careful and minimal approach positioning the house close to the residential street and a large public park. Hidden from the line of sight but still very noisy. The shape of the house creates a protected courtyard, shielded from the noise, and at the same time in the most optimal orientation in terms of sun exposure. The open space between the house and the street becomes a sculpture garden that is mostly used as a foreground for the spectacular view over the well managed landscape across the street. The secret garden on the east side of the house, allows for vegetation from the ground to continue seamlessly on to the building perimeter, hence securing the privacy of intimate spaces of the house.

The simple plan layout is oriented around a central courtyard giving each zone its own private area connected through a grand hallway space. Bathrooms located between the social space and private spaces act as buffer-zones making the private rooms even more private. The double height living room is prepared to be sectioned off from the social space on the rear side and is surrounded by intimate landscape. The idea was to create an comfortable, well lit and ventilated house for a large family and allow them to transform their home as per their needs. With the end user in mind, the house was designed on a very controlled budget and yet fitting the aspirations of a united family.

Project Name

‘The Verdure’ – a residential villa




Faridabad, Haryana, India




Under Construction


9,000 SQFT



Collaborators Design team

Ankur Kashiva, Pawan Goswami