About Us

CUBATIC DESIGN is an architectural collaborative based in New Delhi, India, operating in the fields of architecture, interior design, urbanism and research. The company was established in 2012 and currently have a set of experienced dedicated designers under the creative direction of the founder Ankur Kashiva.

We are a dedicated team thriving in giving form to our client’s pragmatic needs, with a unique design approach rooted in “modern contextualism” and inspired by urban narratives. Rejecting pre-conceived ideas and stylistic preoccupations, each design solution is informed by programmatic, physical, environmental, economic and contextual forces. We believe our projects are part of a larger whole, acting as glue that helps bind and enhance their context for human experiences.

The team has extensive experience in designing and delivering architectural projects in most sectors, but particularly in Residential, Commercial Offices, Research and Development Buildings, Mixed-use, Retail & Leisure.


Ankur Kashiva

Principal and Founder

Ankur Kashiva started Cubatic Design New Delhi in 2012. Before that he has worked with renowned architectural firms and practices architecture worldwide. In a span of more than 17 years, Ankur has been involved in the design of a wide range of corporate, Housing, and Mixed Use projects that have helped to redefine and enhance urban environments. He approaches each project as a unique opportunity to explore ideas of physical and social context, program, sustainability, space, and object making. He is foremost interested in making architecture that will positively impact its environment while addressing the specific needs of the people who will ultimately use the buildings. In his work he brings a sensitivity to place; the cultural context, where he explores contemporary issues against traditional solutions.